Friday, October 9, 2009

What's New

Well, the new website is going painfully slow. Most of my time has been spent painting my current jobs and getting an army ready for a WFB tournament next weekend. The things that are interesting me right now are Flames of War and Infinity. I also had a great idea for doing space wolves: I like the fluff but I just don't like the models; namely the wolf cavalry. What an abomination of a figure (dude looks cool but that wolf is horrifying.) So I was thinking I just might use chaos space marine bits and guys on blood crushers as the models with those rules. I think it would look cool and be fun to play.

The other thing about this tournament. I thought it would be a fun friendly event and not something resembling a 'ard boyz tourney. I was wrong (from what I hear). But the list has already been submitted and now I just play for fun and it is a great opportunity to get exposure for Hired Gun painting service. But I can promise you at the next tourney I will bring the 'thunder'.

More updates to come...

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