Friday, August 14, 2009

My one day at GenCon

I spent one, singular day at GenCon. I had no camera or twitter device with me, as this adventure was based on a short notice event which allowed me a flexible schedule to attend. There was just no way for me to really see everything, but I just got a taste. Here is what I saw:

Malifaux, the new skirmish game from Wyrd Miniatures, looks amazing. The card based game mechanics have me hooked. Also, for the launch of this game, they have an impressive amount of miniatures and starters out. The few models not currently out are looking for release before the end of the year! This game is six shades of bad-ass!

The line for the new Pathfinder RPG was just about as long the Privateer Press line. PP had their new faction for sale and some of their exclusives. It looks really cool, but I just did not have the time for a much closer look at either of these two items. The demand and hype for them speaks volumes as it is.

Alkemy was represented as well. I really like this game, as I think it is a fun, fantasy based skirmisher with lots of cool miniatures. However, it has literally been about a year since there have been any new releases and I swear I could smell death eminating from this game. But lo and behold, they had their wave 5 sets availible at the con, a pdf version of their rulebook availible, and painted wave 6 figs on display. Also, their dispaly of painted minis was THE sickest of the entire show! I literally wanted to go home and destroy my brushes and just repaint everything. They were the most amazing models I have seen possibly ever! I guess JBT and crew really are not human...

I saw the Rackham booth and the most hated man in gaming... The ONI box was on dispaly and for a second I really liked the ONI foot troops, the had a necro-technoish theme, but then I saw their vehicles and they looked very modern and, well, almost exactly like the Stryker Assault Vehicle. For me the two flavors just didn't mix...

Among other things: I checked out the Reaper booth for some models for their Warlord 2.0 game. This game looks smooth and easy with along line of models to support it and should be easy on the wallet. Also saw Dark Age and CMON booth, and they had some amazing models for sale. Lots of limited edition models and con exclusives. They also had some amazingly painted models on dispaly, a step up from other displays, and I am sorley tempted to repaint my warbands...but I wont 'cause I like my stuff...

All in all, GenCon is a massive event, and a massive line for people who did not pre-reg....Next year I plan on going for the full four days, doing everything I can and seeing it all! But it was pretty damn fun even for just one day!

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